The Benefits of Upgrading Sash Windows

Sash windows are a beautiful addition to your period property. They can give your property a period and authentic look, and at the same time offer excellent longevity and quality. If you are residing in an old-fashioned neighborhood or Listed building, the chances are you already have timber frame sash windows installed. But if it is not the case, then restoring the old sash windows means that you can achieve a beautiful authentic looking property whilst also enhancing its heat preservation and energy efficiency levels.

One of the advantages of timber frame sash windows is that in most he cases they can be repaired and restored, which saves a lot of money in the replacement process. If a single section of the frame has been damaged, it is possible that a sash window installation company can repair that damaged section without it affecting the entire window. In fact, if the fittings and fixtures require repair or restoration this is also possible in most cases. On the other hand, repairs to PVC and composite frames are not always possible, which is a major reason to opt for timber frame over PVC if you are considering sash window for your property.


You will find timber frame installations that are still in good use even after 100 years although generally timber sash windows suppliers predict a life span of between 50 to 60 years. However, there does comes a time when timber frames need replacement. Check with a sash window installation company to verify the quality of your frames, and they will be able to tell if the timber windows require repairing or replacement.

If your window frames are lasting over 100 years, the chances are you will benefit from having them restored. Modern timber window uses hardwood as its material. These do not need the same treatment as softwood frame do, and the natural oils found in hardwood means that the frame is capable of resisting bad weather conditions. It requires some regular maintenance, but this also bears a lot of benefits. You can strip, clean, and repaint the frames frequently which keeps them looking refreshed for many decades. Additionally, this means that if a single section needs repair, you only have to concentrate on the damaged section rather than repairing the whole window.

Replacing your sash windows with a timber frame means that you will be conserve a lot of energy, thus, saving a lot on fuel bills. It also provides a comfortable and warner environment inside the house. Single glazed windows and inadequate fitting allows cold air from outside to enter, and by restoring the old windows this will help you get eliminate cold spots. Modern and efficient glazing and high-quality fitting will ensure that warm air does not escape and keeps the interior of the property warm. This, in turn, will result in a significant drop in the fuel bills.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can renovate and restore timber frames box sash windows offering you with comfortable and warm internal environment, enhanced energy efficiency and authentic looking windows.